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Pyke 'N' Pommes (POD)

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n124 Strand Road, Londonderry, UK


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Introducing Pyke 'n' Pommes, the culinary brainchild of Kevin Pyke. From its humble beginnings as a food truck, it has evolved into a gastronomic sensation nestled within a shipping container along the River Foyle's quayside in Derry. Renowned for its tasty burgers and tacos crafted from scratch using locally sourced produce, Pyke 'n' Pommes has swiftly captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike. The vibrant atmosphere extends beyond the container, offering ample indoor seating aboard 'Decky,' a charming double-decker bus. Catering to diverse palates, they proudly offer vegan and vegetarian options. For those seeking a sit-down experience, their restaurant on Strand Road promises an unforgettable dining adventure, with live DJs on certain evenings. Dive into the flavours of Derry at Pyke 'n' Pommes!

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