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Nine Hostages Coffee Shop

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Nine Hostages Coffee Co., Waterloo Street, Londonderry, UK

+44 7563 589358

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Nine Hostages Coffee Shop, situated on Waterloo Street within the historic 400-year-old city walls of Derry City Centre, stands out for its unique blend of Scandi-style ambiance and warm Irish hospitality. Owned and run by Daragh McCauley, the café distinguishes itself through its community-focused initiatives, such as offering free meals for children.

The cafe's interior boasts a cool and minimalist aesthetic, providing a stylish yet welcoming atmosphere for customers. Emphasising seasonal ingredients, Nine Hostages offers a menu of breakfast and lunch items that cater to various tastes.

Beyond its daytime offerings, the café occasionally extends its services into the evening, making it a go-to spot for late-night gatherings. Additionally, Nine Hostages takes pride in being dog-friendly, creating a relaxed environment where visitors can enjoy their coffee or meals in the company of their furry friends.

Part of the Legenderry Food Network, Nine Hostages Coffee is known for its blend of historical charm, community spirit, and a focus on quality food. It has become a favoured destination within Derry City Centre, inviting both locals and tourists alike to experience its coffee, food and atmosphere.

Sunday 8:00-4pm
Monday 8:00-4pm
Tuesday 8:00-4pm
Wednesday 8:00-4pm
Thursday 8:00-4pm
Friday 8:00-7pm
Saturday 8:00-4pm

Vegetarian Options

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