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Johnny's Ranch Street Food

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Gamble square, Rathmelton, Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland

+353 83 839 9305

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In the heart of Ramelton, County Donegal, Johnny's Ranch stands as a revered food truck along the scenic banks of the River Lennon, a prime stop along the iconic Wild Atlantic Way. Helmed by Chef Johnny Patterson, boasting an impressive culinary background garnered from esteemed establishments like Nancy's Barn, Rathmullan House, and Belle's Kitchen, Johnny's Ranch has become a beacon of local flavours and excellence. Chef Johnny's guiding principle is unwavering: "Keep it fresh, keep it local." This ethos permeates every facet of Johnny's Ranch, evident in the meticulously sourced ingredients from the immediate surroundings. Lennonside beef, procured a stone's throw away from the local butchers, serves as the cornerstone for their renowned burgers. The seafood delights come fresh from Albatross in Killybegs, reflecting the richness of County Donegal's coastal offerings. Complementing these mainstays are hand-cut Irish potatoes transformed into irresistible chips. What truly distinguishes Johnny's Ranch is its commitment to personalised service. Each order is meticulously prepared upon request, ensuring freshness and quality in every bite. Whether you're a local seeking the pinnacle of homegrown flavours or a visitor travelling the Wild Atlantic Way, Johnny's Ranch invites you to savour an authentic taste of County Donegal, promising an experience steeped in culinary mastery and local pride. While seating is not provided at this bustling food truck, securing a spot on the adjacent wall overlooking the serene banks of the River Lennon offers an unparalleled dining experience, where the breathtaking scenery serves as the perfect backdrop to enjoy a bite to eat!

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