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Fish and Bean Restaurant

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Deadmans Point, Rosses Upper, Sligo, Ireland

+353 87 248 0706

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Based within the picturesque Rosses Point in Sligo, Fish & Bean Seafood Restaurant stands proudly as part of the Sligo Yacht Club, offering an unparalleled dining experience. Head Chef Dave Mullan, alongside his wife Aine, leads the culinary helm, emphasising locally sourced, seasonal, and sustainable produce in their menu. Overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean, the restaurant boasts an intimate connection to the freshest seafood available. Their commitment to reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability is evident in their operations. The restaurant's interior is meticulously designed with a maritime theme, creating an immersive dining atmosphere. Fish & Bean Restaurant offers a diverse menu, spanning from classic oysters and fish and chips to offerings like smashed burgers and vegetarian tacos, catering to a wide range of tastes. By prioritising quality, sustainability, and local sourcing, Fish & Bean Seafood Restaurant delivers an exceptional dining experience that celebrates the region's finest produce, all while providing customers with a taste of the ocean's bounty along the iconic Wild Atlantic Way.

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