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Coupe by the Dirty Souls

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10 Shipquay St, Derry, Londonderry BT48 6DN, UK

+44 28 7122 4422

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Discover Coupe by the Dirty Souls, an authentic American BBQ haven nestled along Shipquay Street, at the beating heart of Derry City Centre. Born from the visionary minds of Jeanette and Eoin, this culinary gem embodies their passion for genuine hospitality and culinary artistry. Jeanette, a seasoned sommelier with a lifetime dedicated to hospitality, envisioned a haven where authenticity meets flavour. The quest for genuine tastes led them on a gastronomic pilgrimage across the American South, unravelling the secrets of smoked meats and the soulful allure of Southern cuisine. From the smokehouses of Texas to the soulful kitchens of Mississippi, every pit-stop added a layer of expertise to their craft. At Coupe by the Dirty Souls, expect an immersion into Texas-style BBQ and the rich tapestry of American Southern soul food. The menu is a testament to their dedication, showcasing a tantalising array of smoked meats and a delightful selection of Cajun dishes. But Coupe's essence extends beyond taste; it’s rooted in conscientious practices. Embracing sustainability, the restaurant diligently works towards a zero-waste model by 2024. They meticulously source ingredients from local suppliers, forging partnerships with Hegarty’s Butchers and Grants in Derry for chicken and pork, while their brisket hails from Wexford, and retired dairy cattle find new purpose from Donegal. Every bite at Coupe by the Dirty Souls echoes their commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and a celebration of flavours steeped in Southern tradition.

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