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The Sooty Olive

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The Sooty Olive, Spencer Road, Londonderry, UK

+44 28 7134 6040

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Discover the gem of Spencer Road in Derry: The Sooty Olive. A cherished family-run establishment helmed by one of Derry's most respected chefs, Sean Harrigan. Its name pays homage to an iconic Irish trout fly, immortalising the legendary catch that Sean's brother landed. At The Sooty Olive, authenticity reigns supreme. Freshness is paramount, sourced directly from trusted suppliers such as Grant's Ham, Donegal Prime Fish, and Rough Brothers Brewery. The menu showcases classic Irish dishes with a contemporary flair, ensuring each plate tells a tale of tradition and innovation. From the renowned McDaid's Football Special ribs to flavourful burgers, the hearty chowder, and comforting Sunday dinners, every dish is a testament to The Sooty Olive's commitment to quality and taste. Sooty Olive boasts an impressive array of Irish and local whiskeys alongside a diverse cocktail menu, catering to every palate. Recognised for their culinary prowess, The Sooty Olive has garnered accolades including the esteemed titles of Best Emerging Irish Cuisine and Best Chef at the Irish Restaurant Awards. A visit to The Sooty Olive will allow you to taste the flavours of Ireland and experience the warmth of Derry hospitality.

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