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Castle Street Social

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Castle Street Social, Castle Street, Londonderry, UK

+44 28 7137 2888

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Nestled in the heart of the Derry community, Castle Street Social is a laid-back restaurant focused on showcasing the best of locally-sourced ingredients. Headed by Chef David Lafferty, this establishment prides itself on its commitment to fresh produce and a welcoming ambience. On Sundays, Castle Street Social in Derry takes centre stage with its generous roast, a highlight on the menu that caters to both meat enthusiasts and vegans. Homemade breads complement the diverse selection of small plates, providing a variety of tastes and options for diners to enjoy. Under Chef David Lafferty's guidance, Castle Street Social emphasises a menu that champions local produce and offers a casual dining experience where the quality of ingredients takes precedence. Castle Street Social is the go-to destination for those seeking a taste of freshly sourced flavours in a relaxed setting. At Castle Street Social, the cocktail experience elevates the dining journey, reflecting the same dedication to quality and freshness found in every aspect of the establishment.

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