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Bengal Brasserie

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455 Ormeau Rd, Ormeau, Belfast BT7 3GQ, UK

+44 28 9064 7516

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Visitors are welcomed to The Bengal Brasserie situated on Lisburn Road in Belfast, proudly acclaimed as the largest Indian restaurant in Ireland. This expansive 200-seater establishment epitomizes a vibrant fusion of Indian culinary expertise and innovative modernity. At Bengal Brasserie Lisburn Road, guests are invited to embark on a gastronomic adventure where the contemporary menu seamlessly marries the exquisite flavours of Indian cuisine with the freshest local produce and seasonal ingredients. Every dish, from traditional classics to inventive creations, reflects the restaurant's commitment to delivering an unmatched dining experience. Whether patrons choose to indulge in a leisurely lunch or a delightful dinner, the restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere, providing the perfect setting to relish the depth and diversity of Indian flavours. For those seeking the convenience of dining at home, Bengal Brasserie also offers convenient takeaway and delivery options, ensuring that its delightful offerings can be enjoyed anywhere. Savour the authentic taste intertwined with imaginative flair at The Bengal Brasserie—a destination where the love for food converges with unmatched hospitality.

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